And yes, everyone please change your links to http://chibipoe.pitas.com


Alrighty, you may all view the layout in it's new form at this place here, I would have put it here on blogger, but as I've already covered, the banner would make it less spinky...
WOOHOO! The layout is READY! All have to do is finish the coding and such... at which time, you'll get to see it.. In all likelihood, it won't be here at blogger, because of blogger's evil banner above.. I can't really complain, but it would make the layout less spinky than it is.(credit. NnM for the use of Spinky)
Massive Thanks Go to Sam and Sarah for being SUPER SHIBBY and helping. Sam for the pictures and bg.. Sarah for some coding problems I had... Big huge glomphuggles to you both..
For Sam, a complimentary Sano cookie..
And for Sarah, a Kiih n Ro cookie...(you'll get that joke, I'm sure... ^_-)


More nothing from me.....

um... that's it..
*munches on dinner* mmmm
*snickers muchly* Very amusing, Sam! *shakes head*
One more suggestion for the layout, from Sam
Silhoulettes v2.0: Something Sweeter Than This Skin


Okay, we have two, err.. three suggestions for the layout...
First.. From Sam..
Silhoulettes v2.0 - Protected from the Light/Sun
Now, from Sarah...
Silhoulettes v2.0 - Sano is my Beeeyatch
Silhoulettes v2.0 - Fall in Poeland
Caption - Mind what falls out of the Sano trees

Anyone else wanna take a stab at a suggestion?
Random Bloggy moment.. Drink Sprite! Obey Your Thirst!
Okay, now it's time to play Name The Layout...
The Background,
I'll accept suggestions for a day or two.. and pick the best, imo..
You may find me on ICQ during the evenings from about 3-5pm to whenever I decide I should go to bed.. ICQ is 59124384 AIM is Chibipoechan
Woohoo! I just finished another picture.. A pity I can't show them to anyone.. This one is of Rydien..
Very shortly, with Sammi's help, I shall be posting a preview of the next Silhoulettes layout... hee hee hee hee..
Well, I don't know WHEN I'll be posting it, but sometime, I expect...


Meg-chan.......... Where are you? I've not seen you for a few days on AIM.. ;_;
now that the bitch that is blogger works... let me just wish all of those out there that I've neglected a Happy Birthday....
*glomps his bamirin*
And a post that I put up last night seems to have been eaten.. -.-*; <- poe's ponytail, for those who've not seen it.
Whooo.. Strange dream last night, minna-san.. I will share with those it involves later...
*glares* is this stupid thing EVER going to work normally?
No, Meg-imouto, it's not you... blogger hates EVERYONE right now
*hogties Rydien* Hush. I'm speaking here....
Rydien: MMPH! MRMP! *glowers*
*bows* glad you could see what Boy Scouts taught me.. I know how to thrash and subdue people who only I hear!
And here I am again.. to state.... well, I don't know what I'm stating.. I forgot what I wanted to post..
Rydien: *glowers* No blogging! keep trying!
Yes, revered teacher...
Rydien: *glowers*


And blogger is working right at this moment! Woohoo!
So, here is another post..
I draw some really disturbed stuff... I mean, really disturbed.. I must be one twisted poe....
Yes, Dini, I do post a whole lot of nothing.. Being Pneumonia Boy as I am now limits the things that i would normally be commenting on... I simply don't have the interest right now for anything more than short replies... Plus, Blogger is a bitch recently... so that doesn't help....


*continues to draw disturbed pictures*
*looks around at people's blogs* Hmm... Nothing I wish to comment on... not yet anyways...

Rydien: *nikos in Samantha's direction*
nothing to say...

SotM: 3 Doors Down - Loser
Mrf... cold, alone, abandoned, frightened, and very, very small, that is me right now.....
First of all, because I am strange and off-putting, I shall share the results of my Sex God/Goddess tests..
First, the Sex Goddess(yes, I took it, I was bored and as I said above, I am strange and off-putting)
I am Persephone, Goddess of the Night, an apparent sexual mistress(well, she had to have learned SOMETHING in the underworld with Hades, don't you think?)
Now the Sex God test
I am Zeus! God of Thunder!
This only works if I don't have a psychotic shrew of a wife who is intent on ruining my every little tryst...
*insane laughter*